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Daydreams, whether I knew I had them or not - The Captain's Log

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March 2nd, 2004

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03:50 pm - Daydreams, whether I knew I had them or not
For a moment, Kirk's eyes glaze over as he feels the pull of the long-gone Nexus. He remembers...

There was a farm in Iowa, around October, maybe November and he was outside chopping wood for the stove that was already heating breakfast. The air was sweet with the coming harvest and the smell of the horses that he would ride later that day. But right now, She was waiting for him. And this time, things WOULD be different.

...a jolt of pain slams him back to reality. He is dying. A smile crosses his face as Picard tells him they were successful, and he slips effortlessly back into his forever dream.

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